Orange Enamel Pin


Oranges are awsome. I love them, I love O.J., and the sunshine that makes them. So,… I make an enamel pin of an illustration of an orange I did. You can find it here: It currently ships within three days, so you can start wearing it in just a few days. Nice…just like oranges. 🙂


New Illustrated Items and Updates

I have been taking some of my artwork, and adding it to the site Society6 as posters, laptop skins, ipad skins, iphone skins and cases, stretched canvas artwork that you can hang, etc. It is part of an ongoing effort to design products, and is another step in that direction. They are for sale already, and are very high quality. The link to the “studio” (shop) is and my most recent additions are the iphone cases with the Circle Building Illustration on it, which I think look pretty snazzy in the sleek iPhone 4 Model. I have three Illustrations up so far. They will be familiar, as they have been ones that I have been receiving requests for for a while, and as always more is in the works. From now on, I will be adding new work here automatically for sale, and it’s addition will be more streamlined.

I kind of go back and forth between the knitting and illustration genres, so if I am not releasing work in one, it is just because I am finishing up work to release in the other. In knitting I also have some items I am on the cusp of putting up for sale, including a blanket and some metallic scarves. Blankets are huge projects in and of themselves, and this one is getting really close to being done. It will be the size of a twin sized bed when it is completed. (remember, the stitches are made one at a time, so it really does take a long time to make) I am really happy with how it is looking, and this yarn is already one of my favorites to work with.


Fish Tank – Current Pic

Here is a current photo of my fish tank.
I have a Goldfish, and have tried, and given up on having live plants, but I still feel that I can make it look nice without them. (Goldfish are famous for tearing up live plants, and you really can’t put them in the tank with them, no matter how hard you try.) I used “Mexican River Rock” from The Home Depot for the “gravel” at the bottom, and did not put the smaller regular fish tank gravel in the bottom this time (I changed the set up a bit when I moved it into my room.) The tank, and my fish, are super relaxing to look at, and decorating it here and there makes me pretty happy. 🙂


Paper Dolls.

I have been working on a line of paper dolls lately, and will soon have another dress to add to it. Here are some photos of what I have so far. They are for sale on Etsy, and new pieces will be added as time allows. (Hint, I plan on posting a few new additions within the next couple of weeks.) All pieces are available separately, or together, so you can shop for your paper doll.

I am also working on some scarves, a few cowls, and a blanket (that naturally takes a lot of time to finish). I will be posting photos of them, too, and also putting them up for sale. My Sparkle Scarves are available as custom orders, whether you want one in Pink Gold, or virtually any other color.


Fish Tank <3

I posted some photos a while ago of the fish tank I was setting up. Here is a recent photo. (It is still a work in progress). The Easter Island statue is actually a cup that my mom found at a thrift store, lol. I wanted an easter island statue for the fish tank, and she happened to come across a cup of one. Why not? It still has the intended effect.